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Summer Camps 2023

Dance your way into summer at Dance Canvas! Our camps are fun, affordable and offer a friendly, creative, inspiring environment where kids of all ages can enjoy their summer. In between games, music, arts and crafts, campers will learn a funky dance routine and at the end of the camp they'll have the opportunity to perform it for their family !


No experience is necessary and whether your style is ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, jazz or musical theatre we've got a camp for you! So come along to Dance Canvas and let's make this year the 'Summer Of Dance'!

Fairies, Princesses & Tutus

June 26th - 29th   $150

10:00am - 1:00pm

(3-5 yrs)    (6-8 yrs)




We're calling all little dancing Fairies, Princesses and Ballerinas from across the land! Whether your favorite princess swims under the sea with her mermaid tail, travels by air on a magic carpet or is a fairy living in an enchanted forest or dwells under a spell charmed castle, you don't want to miss out on this magical dance camp full of fun, fantasy and adventure. This fun and lively camp features a creative dance/jazz/ballet theme, and your little one can wear their favorite fairy, princess or dance costume. There will be scavenger hunts for sparkly jewels and dancing around underwater treasure chests. Your dancer will have tons of fun creating arts and crafts and will learn dances to their iconic music. The camp will conclude with an informal amazing dance showcase on the final day for parents at our castle!

Escape Club: Wild About Dance!

July 10th - July 13th   $150

10:00am - 1:00pm

(4-6 yrs)   (7-11 yrs)




Ready to find out if you can escape the perils of the jungle with your WILD friends? Unlock all the summer fun with 'The Escape Club: Wild About Dance', a jazz and hip hop dance camp with an escape room twist! Dancers will go wild unlocking secret codes each day with fun dance activities! Through immense teamwork, super sleuthing and lots of dance moves, clues will be revealed, but will the dancers break the code and make it out of the jungle by the end of the camp?! Grab your fun animal print attire to find out, and get ready to dance your way through a WILD adventure! This fun-filled camp will conclude with an informal amazing dance showcase for parents on the final day!

Paw-some Puppy Dance Mode!

July 10th - 13th   $150

July 24th - 27th   $150

10:00am - 1:00pm

(3-6 yrs)




Wackadoo!!! Get your tails a-waggin' for some Paw-some puppy adventures, inspired by our friends from 'Bluey' and 'Paw Patrol'. Get ready to do the 'Pup-pup boogie' and get your 'dance mode' on in this awesome adventure filled dance camp. We'll learn dances, make themed crafts and play games like the Heeler girls do such as Keepy Uppy, Magical Statues, Shadowland, Dance Mode, Magic Xylophone and more! So come one, come all and bring your fun imagination, stellar dance moves and turn your dance mode on! This super fun camp will conclude with an informal amazing dance showcase for parents on the final day!

Fierce Fashionistas & Dancerinas!

July 24th - July 27th   $150

10:00am - 1:00pm

(6-10 yrs)




Attention fashion divas & dancers - join us this summer and let your inner diva shine with this chic, energetic and exciting dance camp that is sure to be all the rage! The team of very vogue dancing trendsetters will dance the runway and uncover clues through their superstar jazz moves and funky fresh hip hop grooves as they discover how to reveal which sneaky fashionista is hiding the jewels they need for their debut runway show. This camp will feature lots of fun fashion jams mixed with dancing, themed crafts and games all so very chic! Get ready to embark on a jazzy adventure to discover your inner fashion diva, and come see our awesome dance showcase on the final day of camp!

To enroll in a Summer Camp, or if you have any questions, please fill in the form below.


We'll need a $50 deposit to secure your place - you can drop by the studio, mail a check, or if you'd like to pay online or over the phone, please mention it in the form below and we'll contact you soon!


Thank you for registering! We'll contact you soon with further details

Dance Classes for Kids & Teens

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