Summer Camps 2022

Let your child dance their way into summer at Dance Canvas! Our camps are fun, affordable and offer a friendly, creative, inspiring environment where kids of all ages can enjoy their summer. In between games, music, arts and crafts, campers will learn a funky dance routine and at the end of the camp they'll have the opportunity to perform it for their family !


No experience is necessary and whether your style is ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, jazz or musical theatre we've got a camp for you! So come along to Dance Canvas and let's make this year the 'Summer Of Dance'!

Fairies, Princesses & Tutus

June 27th - 30th   $145

10:00am - 1:00pm

(3-5 yrs)    (6-8 yrs)




We're calling all little Fairies, Princesses and Ballerinas from across the land so we can start the party! This fun and lively camp features a creative dance/jazz/ballet theme, and your little one can wear their favorite fairy, princess or dance costume. They'll have tons of fun with arts and crafts and learn an awesome dance routine for their parents!

Enchantment of Encanto!

Join us for a quest like no other in this exciting and enchanting dance camp! Inspired by 'Encanto', dancers will discover the wonder and passion of their unique gift within! Featuring lots of fun music and crafts, campers will embark on a magical journey dancing their way into an extraordinary adventure to discover their inner light! 

July 11th - July 14th   $145

10:00am - 1:00pm

(3-5 yrs)    (6-9 yrs)  WAIT-LISTED!

July 25th - July 28th   $145

10:00am - 1:00pm

(4-7 yrs)




The Donut Spytacular
6 - Donut Social Image 2.jpg

July 25th - 28th   $145

10:00am - 1:00pm

(4-7 yrs)




Donut panic! Someone has stolen the donuts, and it's up to our dancers to solve this deliciously devious mystery! The team of dancing detectives will uncover clues through their super sleuthy jazz moves and funky fresh hip hop grooves as they discover whodunit! Dancers will fill their spy kit with sprinkle-tastic spy tools as they prepare to uncover the Donut Bandit at their final performance!

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