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How does tuition work?

Tuition for a regular, one hour class (one class per week) is $60 per month, including tax. 'Creative Dance' is a half-hour class, and tuition is $52 per month. Discounts are available if your child would like to take two or three (or more!) classes per week, or if their sister/brother would also like to take a class.


Tuition is due each month, and is always the same amount regardless of whether there are three, four or five classes in that month (it all evens out in the end!)


If your child joins a class in the middle of the month, we'll pro-rate tuition for that month. And don't forget, your first class is free!

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Do you hold Recitals?


Of course! Our Spring Recital is usually in June at the end of our dance year, and it's always a lot of fun. Most of our students participate in Recital but while we encourage them to join in, it's not mandatory, and they can take class throughout the year as usual if they choose not to perform on the day. We keep our Recitals tasteful and classy (with age-appropriate costumes and music), and our fees are reasonable (2021 Recital & Costume fees were a total of $100.00, with discounts for families with more than one child enrolled). Our Recitals are held at Juanita K. Hammons Hall or The Gillioz, and usually have over 3,000 people in attendance!


We also hold an informal performance at Halloween for our 'Trick or Treat Week', in which the kids will take a few weeks to learn a Halloween-themed dance and perform it for their parents at the end of class!

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Do classes run during the summer?


Summer Classes usually commence in June, and a schedule will be posted around March/April each year. Our 'Summer of Dance' is usually four to six weeks long, and we have summer camps on offer every year!

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Does Dance Canvas have a competition team?


Dance Canvas has a Company & Competition Program with dancers aged 9-18 years! These students spend multiple hours in-studio focusing on their dance education and advancing their abilities. In addition to technique classes, our Company & Competition dancers have the opportunity to attend dance conventions & competitions, where they take classes from master teachers/choreographers, as well as compete dances they work on year-round.


Membership is invite-only and is based on skill level and commitment. Dancers interested in joining are required to have multiple years of Ballet and Jazz training under their belt and will need to be able to execute movement quality and precision to the level of our current members at their age. 


We are proud of our Company & Competition dancers for their commitment to themselves and their teammates. While our focus will always be on dance education and technique first, we enjoy seeing our students take the competition stage, perform their hearts out, and celebrate a performance well done!

Are there any hidden costs or fees? 


None! You don't need to purchase any specific uniform, and the only costs aside from dance shoes, apparel and tuition is our annual Recital, which is optional, and a $20 sign-up fee which is due for each dance year (August-May).

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What else do you have on offer? 


We have a thriving and friendly dance community here! Dance Canvas attends at least two conventions each year, these are great opportunities to learn from some of the most experienced and talented instructors in the country, and attendance is open to all students!

The end of October is 'Trick or Treat Week', students will learn a Halloween-themed dance throughout the month and at the end they'll perform it for parents here at the studio!

Every December we hold a free Christmas Movie Night for students at the studio with our huge projector screen! Popcorn is provided and it's a great opportunity to drop the kids off for a few hours while you go Christmas shopping or enjoy a date night!

And don't forget - Dance Canvas students and their parents also receive 20% off at Karma Salon!

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Where can I buy Dance apparel?


There are several places in Springfield where you can buy quality dance gear:


We highly recommend 'Tights n' Things', at 1924 E. Sunshine. Their staff are very experienced and will take the time to help you find the perfect product!




Children's Orchard is at 1278 East Republic Road.


Academy Sports is at 610 Camino Alto Drive and has a limited selection of dance attire.



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Dance Classes for Kids & Teens

in Springfield, Missouri

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