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Summer Camps 2017

Let your child dance their way into summer at Dance Canvas! Our camps are fun, affordable and offer a friendly, creative, inspiring environment where kids of all ages can enjoy their summer. In between games, music, arts and crafts, campers will learn a funky dance routine and at the end of the camp they'll have the opportunity to perform it for their families!


No experience is necessary for most camps and whether your style is ballet, hip-hop, modern, jazz or tumbling we've got a camp for you! So come along to Dance Canvas and let's make this year the 'Summer Of Dance'!

Fairytale Forest
Princess Camp

June 26th - 29th   $135

10:00am - 1:00pm    (6-9 yrs)

We're calling all little Fairies, Princesses and Ballerinas from across the land to the castle so we can start the party! This fun and lively camp features a creative dance/jazz/ballet theme, and your little one can wear their favorite fairy, princess or dance costume. They'll get busy with arts and crafts and learn an awesome dance routine for their parents!

Hawaiian Island Adventure!

July 10th - July 13th   $135

10:00am - 1:00pm   (3-5 yrs)

summer camps Springfield MO
The Epic Troll Dance Party

July 17th - 20th   $135

10:00am - 1:00pm    (4-6 yrs)    (7-10 yrs)

To enroll in a Summer Camp, or if you have any questions, please fill in the form below.


We'll need a $50 deposit to secure your place - you can drop by the studio, mail a check, or if you'd like to pay online or over the phone, please mention it in the form below and we'll contact you soon!


Learn the moves to become a backup dancer for your favorite hip-hop-style popstars! This camp features hip-hop/pop dance routines, arts & crafts & age-appropriate music. If you're a fan of funky beats and slick rhythms, come along to Dance Canvas and join the Hip-Hop Pop Stars for four days of fun and dance!

No-one throws a dance party like the Trolls! Funky music and disco lights will get the dance floor jumping before our campers head to the table to create some awesome arts and crafts! The Epic Troll Dance Party will run in two studios with two different age groups (see above) and both camps will use fun and age-appropriate jazz & hip-hop dance styles. Don't forget, families are invited to come and watch the final performance!

Dance Classes for Kids & Teens

in Springfield, Missouri

Inspire. Create. Dance!

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