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Adult Classes

Gaja Yoga


7:30pm - 8:30pm  Mondays

Raylene strives to teach her classes with energy and love for what your body IS and can DO, rather that what it looks like! Come join her for a high-energy class that rides the waves of breath and music - a truly energizing experience with a touch of relaxation.

Dance Body Blast

8:05pm - 9:05pm   Tuesdays


You'll be hooked on Dance Body Blast from the first class, and don't forget that your first class is on the house! Dance your way into a more confident and empowered you at the hottest dance-themed workout in town! Get your heart rate pumpin' and your body movin' with this high-energy workout that will leave you toned, sweaty, and feeling fabulous!

Dance Classes for Kids & Teens

in Springfield, Missouri

Inspire. Create. Dance!

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