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Dance Canvas 2015 Spring Recital

Saturday May 16th, 2:00pm

Parkview High School Auditorium


with a short Dress Rehearsal on Friday May 15th 



Planning for this year's Recital is underway! One of the joys of dance is the opportunity for your kids to shine on stage and showcase all the amazing work and progress they have made this year, so we hope everyone will want to participate. However, the Recital is absolutely non-compulsory and no-one will be excluded from class if they choose not to perform on the day. We'll be including Recital routines in class for the next few months, and even though Recital registration will end on February 1st, new students are still more than welcome to join the studio. 


The recital fee will be split up into two payments:


Costume Fee - $50.00


The costume fee is due by February 1st. As we have to order the costumes by that date in order to receive them by May, this is the absolute final date for sign-ups, with no exceptions! The costumes will be very classy and tasteful, in case you've seen a recent reality TV show and you're concerned! We've posted photos of each costume on the lobby wall, although they are subject to availability and may change slightly.



Recital Fee - $35.00


The recital fee is due by April 15th, but we'll remind you closer to the time. This fee includes the various other costs associated with the recital, such as venue rental, ticketing, printing playbills, etc. Four tickets (per child) will be included with the Recital Fee, and further tickets will be available for purchase in May.



Family Discounts


If you have more than one child enrolled, the Costume Fee will remain $50 per student, but the Recital Fee will be discounted to $20 per student. If your child attends more than one class, costumes will be $50 per class and the Recital Fee will be $25.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the recital. We're very much looking forward to seeing your little ones take to the stage in May!


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